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Maoist attack on a Maoist attack on a journalist – 11/12/2018


After an audio broadcaster, the mayor of Clontos Philip denied a great news. A local journalist was harassed and humiliated.

Norma Devechi is an essay in the Portuguese newspaper Iggasu in Er Territorio newspaper. A popular publication of Philip's anger, a native of Front Rendavor, who asked for a sexual assault.

"If you are one, please be single: Norma Devechey should give a hen, give her a rooster, she will not go, but she does not want to leave me aloud.

Claudia Philip

Claudio Philip at the time of Command imagination

I'm not surprised at the mayor, he's always been, and he came from his background on his former wife, "Devki said.

Deveche has already filed a complaint. They offered them security. National Institute for Discrimination, Zenophobia and Rascism (INDI) will intervene.

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