Saturday , January 23 2021

Martha's unexpected phrase is the reaction of Louvita Fernandez and Carmen Burbari: "I promise that it is not intended"

Fade Bal and his ex-girlfriend's mother agreed on the check post.

Curiosity of Laurita Fernandes from Mirtha Ligrand:

To open Television classics from Mar del Plata, Myth Ligand As was the first guests Louvita Fernandez And A. Carmen Barberry. Today, with love Nicholas Cabre, The Outpost She did not stop reminding her two guests that about a year ago she was still a mother-in-law and mother-in-law because of the relation of the protagonist Sugar With Fade bal.

Mytha: "You do not waste time, baby."

When she asked Carmen to see a large tattoo, Miratha was left unexpectedly Frida Kahlo What it carries in its line. "Where you can not love, do not delay", Chici read the legend that Capocomacca is on her skin. "You do not waste time, baby," he told Laurita, that he refers to the romance he lives with. Nicholas Cabre, And laugh everyone including the dancer. "I am convinced that it is not intended, they think we have rehearsed," Carmen is finished, when good humor Laurita asked him Roberto MoldedovskiInvited to junk, to decrypt.

But it was not there. After some time Diva wants to go in relation between Carmen and Laureeta: "You were not mother-in-law and mother-in-law?" She asked. "I have never been a mother-in-law, because they did not allow me to do this," she said, "I'm not responsible for it," said Laurita herself. "Sometimes I'm sending messages that I see dancing on it and that's it Ginger Rogers", The mother declares Fade bal, It makes it clear that she was very good with her son's ex.

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