Friday , August 19 2022

Marwar recovered and Argentinian stocks climbed eight per cent on Wall Street


Stock market

The papers of national companies have performed well in New York. At the same time, the Merval Index was crushed four days later

The Argentine stock market ended Wednesday. Marwar Index crosses 2.9 per cent. The four cycles of the continuous decline have come down.

The energy output was affected because of the interest in stocks in the financial and energy sectors.

Pamba Nergia's revenue rose 6.33 per cent. The turnover was up by 4.95 per cent. For Banco Macro, 4.76% Profit Group, Financier Galicia 4.59%, Transdado de Gas Dal Nordy 4.52%.

Dollar bonds operate without a specific trend, but the biggest demand in the long segment. Boner decreased to 2046 (AA46) to 0.3%, but the discount rate (DICA) decreased by 0.8%.

On the other side, bonds issued by the local currency indicated CER and Badlar, the gap between neutral and negative bonds up to 1.7% of Banner 2021 (TC21).
Fourth sessions of the market for the local market have come down against the market that it has produced. Edward Fernandes analyst Rewa Barzal said, "America's major stock indexes average 0.40 percent, and Merwall ended with an almost 3 percent increase."

Fernandes was completed, "The amount used for personal crises, at the lowest level, was only done".

Major gainers were up 2.9 per cent at the BSEIn the last four trading sessions, the company sold 29,372,54 units, down 9.0 per cent over the same month last year.

At international level, editions of local firms in Wall Street have increased substantially. Banco Galicia's performance grew by 8.3 percent. Banco Macro (7.9%) and Pamba Energia (6.8%) are close.

In New York records are IRSA (-1.8%), Terminium (-1.1%), Corporations and Americas (-1.3%).

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