Monday , January 18 2021

Mary demanded real changes of justice and sought a make-up

The President asserted that "we are working to bring a real change, not make up" and for this reason he asked justice to be "near, modern, transparent and independent".

Within President's Rasa, President's concerns are well known so that the judges contribute to "change" from their role. For this reason, it is not surprising that the head of the state told the members of the judiciary, the head of the Supreme Court and the Minister of Justice, German Swimming and Safety, Patricia Bullrich to the whole audience, who said "We all want people who do not comply with the law, risk the future of all Argentines, suffer punishment and follow them" And he repeated his claim "Clear and equal rules for all".

All claims were also rescued "An attempt of judges and prosecutors across the country to fight corruption, drug trafficking and organized crime" And he failed to mention the cases of corruption saying, "I also congratulate myself that for the first time corruption is being condemned by high officials," he asserted.

She comforted her with international support in G20 and ensured that society wanted change, Mary said "This is a change that has been born from Argentine heart three years ago and we are facing together that has never been done" The statement that gave the foot to themto memorizeSociety's claim to get more efficient justice

Earlier, the head of the Supreme Court of Justice spoke, Carlos Rosencanjez Who explained his disagreements with the Supreme Court decision, who established that the advantage of 2×1 calculation does not apply to penalties for crimes against humanity. The court adopted this decision in one of four opinions.

"Today, the Supreme Court has decided for my various reasons that 2×1 is not applicable for these crimes (against humanity). I vote in disagreements because I believe the law is unconstitutional because it violates the most non-procedural law of criminal law Is there. "RosenConzaz explained.

He also referred to freedom that justice is needed for his judgment, "Judicial independence is important because it is the only way to remain loyal to the law and the Constitution." The court's minister explained.

He added that "the structure for more hurricane water should be the basis of our constitution and the only social contract that guides us". And on behalf of the Society's claim, he said: "We need a judicial culture that is modern, transparent and efficient but it revolves around freedom."

This was also attended by the President of the Senate, Federico Pinedo; General Coordinator of the Justice 2020 program, Ricardo Gill Lede, The Governor, the Legislators and the Magistrate all over the country. There were also organizations of people who were victims of crime in the present They lived in Peron, Maria Luzán Ray, Nieda Gomez, Carolina Piporro, Guillermo Limbos and Jiména Aduiris.

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