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Mauricio McRae wants to take advantage of the winds in favor of G-20 and conquers air in the middle of the crisis – 01/12/2018

The waitress at Cafe El Attinoo told the old clients that when they wanted to take a photo with President during a tour done by traditional Buenos Aires bookshops on Thursday, Emanuel Macroan's security personnel operated unexpectedly. But the story was not the same like this. Apparently, the President saw this movement of the circumambulatory distance and after a while everyone would be surprised at all: She went to the waitress and she prepared to take herself selfie. During the summit, Macron traveled to Buenos Aires Like a rock starAs the result of the worst crisis affecting its administration on the streets of Paris, the new panic of violence was unleashed.

Bridging the distance, Maurizio Mackrie Something similar happens. Outside, they appreciate them and receive them with the affection of affection, but in their country, the level of asking questions are very high. With the realization of the G-20 in Argentina, it had never been clear before. So far, the thermometer was a history of the presidential tours or officials in the calculations of the Special Forces Special Forces. The live and permanent broadcast of the Presidential meeting was approved to see that the world's major political leaders support Almost without a virgin The path of reforms initiated in the era of kinarism.

Donald Trump calls

Donald Trump is called "friend" by Mauricio McRae.

Some of them are also head of the Argentine state A relationship which is greater than the protocol. Donald Trump calls him to mention two cases during the 48 months during "my friend Mauricio" and Macron and Canadian Justin Truudou, near and closer to him. Once France asked to make a suggestion on how to contact the President of the United States. FIFA chairman Giani Infanti, who has an open line with him. This Saturday they went together before the press conference or gave in Maxi Costa Salgours. FIFA owner She gave her a ball, a whistle and a shirt, with her last name was a stamp on her back.

Any of these destroys management errors or erases those daily problems that deal with and with whom it wakes up in the first hour on Monday, they have to return to deal with it. The government will complete the year with the highest inflation since 1991 Employment and poverty disruptive levels on the door of the election year. The immediate plan of the executive is to stop this month, the hottest, social groups and pictures of the year cause rioting in the city during protests with roads and road cut cuts.

Mauricio Macri and Emanuel Macrons have a close relationship.

Mauricio Macri and Emanuel Macrons have a close relationship.

"Summit gives us what air. It's not a little bit"An executive official acknowledged." Everything was good, maybe what's better than the plan. There was no incidents and there was a belief in the world towards Argentina, "he said. The President wants to take advantage of the contact with journalists. He said:" Today there is a country in our country that has never before in its history. The world has given us a place and wants to go with us. It opens up a chance. "And, before finishing his presentation, he risked:" We are changing the story. Today is the future. "

There was optimism in the delegation of officials attending Costa Salguo. In contrast, someone favored the silence of the opposition. "I'm Dead Dead"Jock McKay about her tired.

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