Saturday , April 1 2023

Mental fame, Fer Alver, claims they "are about to die" for a beauty surgery


Ferr OlverThe Mana leader was one of the most famous celebrities in the last edition of the red carpet Latin Grammy Awards In addition, he was encouraged to go on stage to give an exhibition. Mexican is one of the most sought after comments on social networks, not for his music For his fitness.

The singer who distinguished him for this year's personality was a speculative and mockery of his face changes. A few days later, his former wife, Monica NogualeraHe spoke about it in a television program.

"We have had a dangerous operation in Los Angeles from October 2013 to October 2013, and it was only a handful of surgeries for the eyes and to the side. They died because they cut a vein. The doctor cut out a serpent and cut it into the throat, and he had a stroke, "Nogoa said. First hand.

The singer's former wife told her not to do any other beauty treatments.Be careful about the physical question because you are really a great artist A great person who cooperates with human rights. Why do you worry about physics? "

"He would die. He did not say anything, but it hurts. I repeat again: You do not have to physically do anything "He stopped.

In the awards to the Latin Recording Academy in Las Vegas, Olavara mentioned his struggles for immigrant rights.

"I want to say that We will continue to fight for the rights of migrant immigrants in this country (For the United States). In the last century they had such a big difference. We will fight for my mother, and we will continue to struggle to sing the heart and soul for women's rights, "he said.

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