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Merry Double, Great Angelos and Marach cross Christianity – 06/01/2016

The government defines provincial operations without intervention

One law from unauthorized policies – permanent recognition – is that you should never let your opponent come together and you do not have to lock. And if they separate the slap curve then the governor who wants the time to select the election day separates from the national. The objective of this year's first meeting of the small table of the Monday blocks the conflict by starting the elections in the series, which is more advanced than every other and in any case it Liver for re-selection.

Some voting results, such as D & # 39; Alessio IORL – Barentsten, put the form on it, which says that 39% believe that the situation will improve in 2019. Voting is not the same as voting in voting. , Who creates campaigns with marketing and gets along with the strategy. One example is that, for that consultant, the most reputable figures and additions are in addition Roberto Lavagna and Ernesto Sanz, Which is not playing this game.

"The painful reflection is that if you leave all sides and you keep your mouth shut, then you increase the voting …", someone commented in the game. Appointment is urgent, depleted, for example, the situation of Rio Negro. On Friday, Rioenigrino Alberto Vertilik rose early and announced that elections for the post in his province would be held on April 7. He said a few hours after being alone with Mauriceo Macrey in Berellach. The temporary proximity to the governor was indicated that he has the President's recommendations.

If it did not come with an award winner (I would say lava varieties), then it does not matter to a very simple date: Mary listened to the plan of the verilit For the third time if it is the other then choose again. Who does not believe this agreement was made to ensure the victory of non-parism in this province, which is the standard superintendent of Christianity in Martin Soria? They explain it to the Macroistas of Rio Negro, after winning the presidential support again, after winning his life again in the elections, against his re-election.

It and other provincial concerns prove that the table is compiled by Marco Pena Proceed your work this summer for Monday Futile – Through warmth and stifling by promoting this exaggeration. Roselio Fregio, Humberto Winter, Horacio Rodriguez Laerta, Francisco Quinta's Maria Eugenia awaiting the veil, who was waiting for Maggie at the Chapamadalal and stayed there for a few more days. They are also campaigning in Mar del Plata, where they believe that there is a need to win after the election. Carlos Arroyo slippery order, Who does not want to share it with her or the Sun. For that purpose, he took the place that Daniel Scially had previously stored.

Altimetam: Cordoba is resolved with a survey

The reconstruction of the small table of the Pro is done this Monday afternoon in the afternoon of the cabinet head dining room, which today has the command board. All the cone of the power of holidays. At this time, Federico comes back to Pinedo, which comes with all the mysteries of Comellon, after sharing the magic hippie magical coastline and tourism group with Macri, who traveled in various dinners and lunch – including Astben Bullrich, Nicholas Duojovan, Javier Campus, Nicholas Capuuto, Carolina Stanley, Federico Salvi, and many others.

It is among the mysteries Pinedo's own fate, Which the Senate will elect as a temporary president in the last week of February, but if he does not repeat in the upper house, he will probably be re-elected in the list of danuites or else will make another mission as a Buenos Aires candidate – it is necessary to solve it. In this meeting of the PRO, which is already in "Campaign Mode", which is in contrast to his colleagues of radicalism, which is in "Airplane mode" – disconnected from the network, so that speaks – some measurements will be imposed before the sound – heavy overkilling is one of them When possible, avoid internal elections For candidates in the provinces, local or national They want the agreement to be signed, Monzo says, if they let him speak

The witness case will be the Corboda. In the preview of the Pro Chase Marcus lunch show, the table will get Cordovan quartet. They are Dantez Hector Baladasi – "La Conneza" – and Gabriel Freizeza, by Senator Laura Rodriguez Machado and President of that provincial party, Deri Capitana. They will tell you in your district There will not be internal, That the governor's candidature will leave the surveys, and now with the support of Baladasi and Louis Judge, who goes beyond that, Mario Negri is.

Ramon will have to accept Mester, because otherwise the PRO Pro will not be able to sign the call in the interior. Ramonito will answer, because it is not easy. The enthusiasm of the ruling party in this district is secular. When Mary spoke to Radio in Cordoba, she said: "Move the country, it's my province." In 2015 they made him president. How will your province become?

Non bis in idem, Or the veto of double candidacies

Another criterion is to emphasize the people who run for local governor positions in the initial elections, Prohibition so that they appear on national places later. Non bis in idem (Not twice for the same thing), the jurist would say. Overtaking is not only with marketing martings. Tricks with dates, hooks and dishes, are never very important for the result. This The public is always more satirical than the leaders, And they feel they are small mirrors of colors. Moving forward gives more freedom to leaders. On June 22, the registration of former candidates for national PSOs ceased. Since that date, there are many places to apply for incapacity. But until that date, there may be candidates for the Wintertay, or Juan Manjur governors, and Then go to the national level.

That record makes the contract with PicTo Vertil meaningful, with which it can do provincial publicity before the end of the pass; And then register this year as the President or National Senator in Bangkok. "Senator Miguel Pichetto has broken the relationship with the governor" -S Vertilick said after a meeting with McRae – and in that sense Is entitled to his sonJuan Manuel, deliberate in Videema Fundamentalists can not write a subscription because they will divide the opponent's paradox, and Martin Soria, who is very revolutionary in Christianity, will make the victory easier. The consolation of gathering of occasional deputies is that Cambemos gets more opportunity to stay close, in which with Sergio Viski's place in Pina's favorite of Rio Negro (today he is a national deputy and his banking).

The Pro Table will communicate it You can not be a "double to nothing" candidate. It is the revolutionary moments of the province: In a ban, he was nominated as a postalant to the National Deputy Laurentian Matzan governor – the same order as a Deputy Winner in 2021. With this card, they will search for a contract with Veritile, which will have to prevent the non-paranism from being separated from Soria. Carlos Soria's assassination – That form is associated in 2015, Will make great enzollos, Or the great Evo Morales, support their claims of repetition in Bolivia, where the candidate is a human right.

And justice? Vertil MacMeine said that its provincial judges support it with three votes already and will not participate in the nation's Supreme Court because they are not included in the laws of Santa Cruz sources. All Quick, Quebec: Rio Negro had a mandatory local STEP law, but it did not apply and it was canceled. The schedule is to close on January 15. Out of breath

Signal in the market: Kristinista, who wants to rule the Waka darshan with the map

Something must be said about Neuven's table, where it was given in the early hours of Saturday – closed the Candidasis for the March 10 elections and where it is Most conservative change of neo-gooditarianism with most pigmented populations. "Peachy" Quiroga not only leads to lieutenant governor candidate, David Schleter's Protestant priest. He challenges Governor Omer Gutierrez and seeks support in religious frequency, which puts other provincial legislatures on the support line. It is the Church of Jesus Christ Nadia Marquez. A challenge for MacCriso's standard voter.

Christianism interferes with this dispute, Whose list was released by Juan Grabów, Which is between Santa Marta and Patria Institute. The purpose of this third purpose is to get Paranism and Neuquen to get the left vote, and it already poses a threat to the professional community. Imagine in the third cup that if the candidate wins Rioozcoi, which has the permission of Patriya Institute, it will not rule out anything less than this Argentina's flagship project, the region of Waka Murtaza. If it happened, Play on oil tablesA small political message to the investors – Concern concerns in the region, once attractive to the business – it is a sign of power cuts by the government, which will lose its own emirate, at least in the president, at least the President has identified with all the fearsome mother – Cristina De Corkner.

This possibility includes fictional scenes Cristinista and Mapuch Government, Which will provide ideas, such as participation in the wealth of these indigenous people. With some roads and roads, when they remember that Ríozóco comes from a company like a custom company, Felipe Sapag gave it to the Government as a repairer of the viability of YPF's privatization, it is important to politicize an oil relief that allows the box. That relief is from 1996 and for 99 years. Comu has given it to private companies and according to Pumpa Energy's public proposal this year, the investment was $ 35 million for more than $ 2500 million investment and the bond for this community was extended to 15 years. Merchant Marcel Mindlin So, Riosco is a companion in hydrocarbon activity.

Other people, who take a deeper stance, believe that after supporting Mary's debate over abortion, it is not difficult to proceed. Some Relief in Mapuches. Before the law was enacted in 2010, appealing to the court's ruling – she already recognizes equality marriages – and moved the possession of the land in her villa.

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