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Messi and Suarez's Gollazzle for the win won by Barcelona – 06/01/2016

Historically, for Barcelona, ​​winning the first game of the year was complicated. At least it indicates the last five years: The Catalan Giant does not start a new year with victory since 2014When he beat Elche 4-0. Since then, he lost two between Lega and Copa del Rey matches and added two draws. Suddenly for the team that has always won (always) won But on this January 6, he wrote a different story.

After a difficult start in Madrid against Getafeiff, Messi was able to win the required space for 20 minutes, which was lost in the Getafe area. It somehow looks alone, puts goalkeeper and defenders in disgrace and makes the first goal of the match. To become even more director of leagues for Barcelona, ​​in which Real Madrid does not stop stumbling.

Messi was once again celebrating Barcelona. He had already done in 2016, 2017 and 2018, he scored the Catalan team's first goal in the year. And with his goal, Valverdie's team found a lack of peace in the first half of the game.

Twice after revealing a new gummy – goalkeeper Soria covered an incredible ball in the Pink – looking at other stars to increase the difference in Barcelona. In 39 minutes, Luis Suarez had a wonderful volley hiding and sealed the second goal that started breaking the game.

But GETFEN got some time after getting the prize for the good that would have originated in the beginning of the game. In order to find a difference in the defense of Barcelona he joined his striker: Angel had reduced the middle of the past and Jayam mother appeared in the middle, who suffered 2-1, in which he went to the locker room after the first half of the interesting.

The goal, which gave more justice to the score, encouraged the local people and started to manage the game on Barcelona's autopilot. Because Getfey had a very good chance to make the story a parallel and equal, especially 21 minutes, when Mother Tare could not finish with Stageen's exit with an empty goal after leaving the action.

Although close to some extent, DeBele showed the speed of its countertext with Sparks, but did not ever interact with Macy and Suarez that their efforts were crystallized in the new goal. The best part of Barcelona was in the first half. He reached for a new victory and got five points from guard, Atlático de Madrid and Irregular Real Madrid 10 Santiago Solaris. The first chapter of 2019 for Catalans, once again was happiness.

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