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Mirth Legend admits that she is addictive and everyone is surprised

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January 6, 2019

After returning to television, the legendary host declared details of her personal life and its guests celebrated at this moment.

Mirth Ligrand does not rest. On Saturday night, the legendary driver Inauguration of its cycle season 51 With a traditional dinner, every summer, from Mar del Plata.

But this time, Diva took the opportunity to say that she is the first addict in her life. "I've become addicted to the Wets"She laughed at her guests. "I have not had anything addicted to my life, but with this yes."

When I returned from the business break, it all started. At that moment, chici, weird questionnaire Fasundo Moano asked who he had sent messages during the court, but he made clear that he did not get one, but "Many messages" Different people

After that Miratha took advantage of the occasion to publish her funny extremism for the app to send messages. "I became addicted to this ", He said, making it clear Familiarize with the new technology.

Jose Maria Masque, the second guest of her show, asked that she liked the whottup, and she replied:Because I'm talking, I have a lot of opportunities to tell that I love it, The people who could never tell them. "

"like thisE. Love, inspire me With the people of the environment who never took a good relationship, I commented on my stories, It's a fabulous approach"Adds Chiki, who also said that he uses the app to live for hours in the morning:"With Susana we shared messages at 3 or 4 in the morning..

Connie Annaldy, who shared dinner, wanted to know more, and asked if she used emojis, but Diva refused. "No, it is not, do not ask me as much"He said, laugh.

Mirtha Ligrand guests to enter the Mar del Plata

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