Sunday , January 17 2021

Mirtha Ligrend spoke about the potential romance of Juanana Viaal and Luciano César

Najal de Brito Salt, very juicy scoop on Wednesday in Los Angeles in the morning. According to the journalist, Luciano Cesar and Juan Viale will once again receive romance in 40 days and 40 nights, where she will work and direct. De Brito assured that there are two witnesses in this rich relationship.

They do not have relationships that will become official, but they are in love. There is a crush! Saltgel And then he added: They will reject me from AK Angelina Jolly but they will be in love. In addition, they already work together and, at that time, this was already said. But in this case there are eye witnesses, LAM driver is guaranteed.

The leaders of this supposed love of summer quickly spoke and rejected rumors. "No, they were wrong, we are working hard and we are a good partner," Juanita said, not wanting to expand beyond. Luciano, in a dialogue with Confrontos, was ironic. Actor says that, we are very happy, recently we have learned that we are only for a short time, enjoying all these love which is leading us.

Now, on Saturday's program table Myth Ligand, The topic arose and Diva He announced that he had talked with his grandson for many clarifications. One of his guests, Josh Mar Maschery, talked about summer season in Mar del Plata, when he started a spicy question Outpost I responded very carefully.

I know that yesterday you went to see your granddaughter and she was very good, I have a great friend who is a director, good! Now maybe that's your family, Luciano. Without the lamps, Carrier They dried up: "No, no, no, say the thing that is not true, do not echo the mascara." I do not know, my expectations are. I like them together, the director justifies himself. But Legend He was strong: "I asked him and he said, no, I asked him about the waitup and he told me that he was a very close companion."

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