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More and more people suffer from "dry eye" syndrome

Dry eye syndrome can affect 10 to 3 people depending on weather and environmental pollution and its symptoms that can affect the ability of daily activities.

There are more and more cases of dry eye syndrome that professionals recognize in consultants, mainly due to environmental pollution affecting large cities, artificial air conditioning in closed environments and more exposure to screens.

In addition to this, there is a big hypothesis among women over 40 years of age.

The so-called "dry eye" syndrome is characterized by a change in tears production that leads to symptoms of eye irritation and irritation and discomfort while using contact lenses.

Apart from this, experts have asserted that not treating them can produce serious consequences.

"The eyeball is in a permanent conflict with the eye and it can cause friction. Graphically we can say that the windshield of the eye car works like wipers: if you turn it on with a dry glass, it will scratch it and destroy it It is the same with the eyelid and cornea: without lubrication, the frogs suffer from it, "Olegalomaglos in Algendro aguilar, ocular surface diseases T specialist, founder and former president explained okyulara surface Argentine society.

"It is a multifactorial syndrome that can affect up to 30% of the population. Agyar said that the number of cases has increased due to screen, synthetic and natural environmental change and improvement in diagnostic methods.

Weather in dry and atmospheric, as well as smoking and air conditioning accelerates the evaporation of tears, so avoiding contact with these dreaded conditions can reduce the chances of developing dry eyes or get relief. They suffer

Connisett and chairman of SASO, Alexandro Bera said that "people with dry eyes and people living in major cities like Buenos Aires have become more vulnerable", and noted that "a dry eye case will be more serious in a contaminated environment."

"A few years ago, we worked with the Park Rangers of the Los Glaciers National Park, where we saw that the tears of these individuals were broken in 14-20 seconds between 8 to 11 hours. On average, tears take about 10 seconds and like a person Do not have a dry eye and live in Buenos Aires, it breaks in 7-8 seconds.

This means that with fewer pollution, less interference from the particles in the air with the eyes and making the scene quality better. In any case, this does not mean that people who live in pollution free places will not develop dry eyes because there are other conditions that affect their development, "Beera explained.

In addition to this, this situation is favored by taking over 5 hours a day with a view on the PC, cell phone or TV screen.

In Mexican studies, it has been found that 86.4% of people participating in a therapeutic consultation have a consistent symptom with dry isle syndrome.
"Those who have more time in front of the screen, less fade and therefore, the tears flows more rapidly. Often, the device is not located organogenic, and it is not on the right. But calibrating the luminosity of the device can also be affected, Beera explained.

Those who can not ignore the responsibilities of labor, which indicate the significant daily quota of the work ahead of the screen, experts recommend blinking from time to time on the computer, advice that is suitable for the time of reading or other scenes that demand visual concentration. Spend for

Other recommendations for people working for more than four hours in front of a computer are: Annual advice with ophthalmologist (if they do not suffer from pre-existing ocular pathology); If they wear glasses, then review a bachelor once or twice a year; Use eye lubricants every 6 or 8 hours during work; 30 minutes away from the screen and the rest of the neck and limb movements

Using fonts between 11 and 12 points may also be useful, as it limits the use of video games within one or two hours a day.

Chronic Syndrome in Older Women

However, the age of the dry eye syndrome that can appear at age is variable, it visits the ophthalmologist, which is more frequently seen in women over 40 years of age and in women, where syndrome is very frequent during the clinical process.

In fact, hormonal changes associated with menopause are one of the main reasons because women are most affected by dry eye conditions.
This is because hormonal changes are translated into changes in tear production. And not just hormonal changes occurring in menopause. Different diseases affecting the function of the lucrum gland or its nerves, such as lupus and rumatoid arthritis, include autoimmune diseases, in which the tears of the discharge decrease and thus include prejudices for developing dry eye syndrome.

Treatment and prevention measures

Depending on the severity of dry eye syndrome and its symptoms, conventional therapies using synthetic lubricants, drop, gel or ointment are pharmacological and locally.

In more severe cases, it is indicated that getting autologous serum drops of immuno-modular drugs or retracting tear on the eyeproples and ocular surface is common in getting channels out of implanted tears.

In all cases, the main intent of therapy stops the condition of the shameful surface and tear the standing of the film's standing.
When the environment conditions support it, the use of sunglasses like sunglasses and windshields is also very useful with proper glasses.

Other useful steps are: Do not smoke and avoid indirect smoking, direct wind and air conditioning; Especially during the winter, use the Hammerfire; Reduces the use of allergy and cold medicines, which can dry the ocular surface and make symptoms worse; Fade more often on purpose and rest your eyes periodically; Clean on a regular basis and apply hot compression.

Timely and adequate treatment of dry eye syndrome allows to avoid the effects of its progress, which causes serious damage to the cornea, causes ulcers and may require a more accurate cornea transplant.

Said transplant is a surgical intervention by which cornea damaged by injury, infection, corneal disorders or degeneration is replaced by healthy cornia. (NA)


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