Friday , May 7 2021

Motherhood in Escobar: A woman was set on fire by her ex-partner

In the hospital, they suggested that most of the fuel-affected women in the area Neck, face, torso and hands. Invasion also affected its respiratory system.

In principle, man was adopted for this crime "Attempt to murder", But the judge ordered his release for "lack of evidence".

The investigation of this case is done by the Defective Declaration No. 5 Executive Unit in the ASSO, which is based on the judicial department Zyret-camp.

According to the first versions, it was the neighbors at the Florentini Amagne Street, who called on the 911 on Sunday to hear the fight. The family called a concentration in front of the court on Monday at 9 o'clock, which interferes with the demand for interference and arrest of the suspect in the case.

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