Sunday , May 9 2021

Mystery in Salta: An uncle and his niece had a love affair

Leap the uncle on the dead

The body of the body of the bodies was in one of the five rooms of the house Near a tambo, Marinaro Farm. This place was captured by many workers of the farmer.

They met Tippiya's brother, who warned that he was absent from his labor, went to find him. When he entered the place, he found the body The man hangs from the ceiling And the teenagers slept in bed. This one There will be signs of mechanical executions on the neck without sexual violenceAccording to the newspaper, according to the newspaper The Tribune

The rest of the family was opposed to the youth's relationship. Last Friday, November 30, Michala escaped from home to live with her uncle.

First, this Investigators noted that after the suicide, a woman was murdered, but after examining the history of the couple, they also considered the possibility of a suicidal treaty.

This Criminal Prosecutor Office Number 1 Criminal Offenses Against Person Unit The head of the case was appointed.

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