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Myths and Facts From Corporal to Galadodo: Can DT Stop It From Talking To The Dressing Room?


Marcelo Gardado He overcame control over communicating with his team in the semi-finals of the Gramino Al against Go to the locker room And one use Handy From the box. The molecule finally decided to make the final decision: Admission is prohibited Until that Bombonara In the first match against Boca Communication "in any way" With an employee or player of trainers.

It was a news that was difficult to control an inner dialogue between the suspended technician and his collaborators: Install signal inhibitors In the locker room to prevent "doll" from communicating with the group?

"This is very difficult Block signal through spectrum. Handi works on one frequency, 3G and 4G. And, you can go 50 thousand At that stadium They will suffer, Not in the number of thousands of people living nearby Bombonara"He explained Infobox Engineer Lucas Galito, Director of Public Policy for GAMA Latin America, the organization of mobile operators and related companies.

Likely Block the signal in a small space Although it is not possible to control the exact possibility: "This may happen Block the locker room onlyBut, perhaps People in the gallery above the locker room can not speak. This is very difficult. The blocker puts an intervention into the air so that the phone and the radio have blocked the communication between the radio, but for the mobile telephony. Different technology is based on technology. "

The specialist warned that it was a specialist 100% efficiency is difficult to achieve Various factors are influenced by a blocker: "There is a lot of protection for many factors such as day, night, weather, etc. because when a signal blocker is arranged during the day, it can increase or decrease coverage.

He added: "Prevent obstruction is to prevent it Mobile is designed to overcome any reason Prevents communication. Cell is designed for protocol designs behind the communication: I can not connect, channel jumping, bandwagon, and so on … ".

In case of taking this decision, the compiler has to request for authorization from institutions that control the control of communications bands, but it is not impossible to implement an order of these characteristics. Required technology You can install it in a day However, in the stadium they also face bureaucratic obstacles: Article 19 of National Law 19.798 Telecommunication.

"In the absence of telecommunication correspondence, the content of any communication provided for the opening, reduction, interruption, interruption, curriculum, its course reversal, publication, use or anyone other than their lawyer, and the ability to do such actions," Is going to be In addition, the use of inhalers may violate a human right such as that Freedom of expression.

"In general, when installing this system, they need to coordinate with the regulators and operators because the operator's technologies can measure metrics," Galito warned. This makes it difficult for mobile phones to enter the pavilion in Central America jails.

As all these aspects pointed out, communication between the Galardo and the Working Group could not be practically inefficient. Hands, That wi-fi You Other systems That surface is cellular technologies.

However, canceling all communication channels creates an additional problem Security managers Or the same Compole Members They work in that area.

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