Wednesday , July 28 2021

New Lieutenant Work in the Super Final of Copa Libertadores

Technology in football is a reality. With implementation Vaar There is nothing. There are many instances where teams win, lose or draw matches by winning a new one There will be a new task Copa Libertadores Superfine.

In addition to working to check goals, hands, withdrawals and penalties, the river and Boca can reach the penalty definition (if only they are bound) VAR will be present. With this new addition The guard can check that the goalkeeper has withdrawn or any infractions performed by the kicker, such as preventing the race or touching more than once.

In that case, and in normal tasks, the arbitrator will make the final decision, while VAR (in charge of Uruguay Leoondon Gonzalez) will be the only informed situation.

This system will be implemented for the first time, since no VAR has been defined since no issue has been defined by the issue of crime.

It is important to remember that in the case of a draw and before the penalty, two additional time of 15 minutes will be played, in which the fourth addition can also be made.

What you want to know

Only two days left for the great match between the river and Boca will define the champion Libertadores Cup 2018. In Toda Paasin, we do not miss anything about what to happen and what will happen in the coming days. Here, everything that is known about the historical definition.

1 – Conmebol The schedule did not accept change Club and safety and proposed by the party It will play at 17 How was it programmed? They wanted to catch him at 16 o'clock in the night during the festival. It will go for Fox Sports Live. Referee Uruguay will be Andreas Kuneha. If there is additional time, the VAR and the fourth change will occur.

2 – There will be matches A big police operation She went to the bomber. It will start around 9 am in the morning and if Boca is a champion, then it will end in Bombay. It will also include both teams and obelisk concentration. They are estimated to be close 2000 soldiers Security at every concepts.

3 – Today Marcelo Galardo starts defining the team in the river. It does not want to give Boca a surprise sign. From tomorrow there will be concentration in the cards. Leo Ponzo returns and Santos Bore are not there.

4 – Guillermo Barros Szchelto today will form a potential team in Boca. It's important to define whether to play Andrade Andrade and Tavège or Benedicto or both together. Even if it goes with three strikers or four midfielders. DT had canceled the press conference today and will not speak after the final.

5 – This afternoon will make Boca one Training for the public at Bombena So fans can encourage players.

6 – River partners withdrew all tickets. There will be 66 thousand people in the monument. They are non-migrating (to avoid recovery) and on Saturday they will have to take IDs to enter the field. Anyone who has a false entry will be violated against.

7 – River Fan prepares the submissions Historical reception And asked that all the fans go with a red shirt with a white shirt. They throw the monument in Boca.

8 – Boca fans will make a Saturday afternoon A banner When they go for a monumental they burn the players.

9 – Saturday match Champion will define Liberators Any tie will be lined up to 30 minutes and will be penalized if necessary. Does not count the visitor's goal to break the whole result. In the first phase, they were 2 to 2. The winner will become a champion.

10 – Librators will champion Club World Cup will be eligible to play United Arab Emirates On December 18, the semifinals and the final 22

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