Monday , May 17 2021

New Mazda 3: Focus on design and engine that wants to revolutionize the market

All the novels that were released were of Hall of Los Angeles, In the United States, Mazda 3 It is most important that it is the most important. Not just that Aesthetic appreciation Generally, it does the world's first presentation of a special system Engine operation.

A new generation of propellers is called Skype-x. It works with the naptha, but its uniqueness is that, on the basis of the circumstance, given by ignition Compression (Diesel) or by Spark plug spark (In Nefaros).

The system is called Spark-Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI by Spark Control Currency Ignition). The important thing is that torque will increase from 10% to 30% by combining "two world" Consumption will be reduced Objective up to 20%: Ease of Nefero with the response and use of diesel.

The engine is one Four Cylinders 2.0 with Direct Injection. They did not disclose specific power but they would be around 190 Horsepower

It also resorts Supercharging By Volumetric Compressor From 16 to 1, the compression is very high and Mazda says that she can work with 95 octane gasoline. I mean, super.

Model, which opens its own Fourth generation, You will also have traditional naphthal and diesel options. She is expected to reach the street Europe in March 2019 Unfortunately, Mazda offers its products in Argentina.

One of the great novels of Mazda 3 is his other New platformDesigned to offer in the near future, Hybrid versions, That is, they are connected to the electric motor to reduce consumption and environmental impact.

That's it Medium hatchback With which the Japanese competes against the brand, among others Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus.

During his unveiling at the Los Angeles Hall, he attracted attention Design. Liquid but the lines of games, it was approved and it was one Sample car.

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