Thursday , May 6 2021

Nintendo Switch will not meet its second-year sales expectations, analysts say

We were launched in the last 2017 Nintendo Switch, A console which succeeded in the sale of its predecessor, Wii U, in less than a year, and also led the analysts and its own segment to expect the most optimistic sales expectations. Nintendo. However, it does not seem that this trend is being repeated in the second year of the console's life, or at least they say different opinions. Analysts Industry's

According to financial portal Bloomberg reports, and according to the estimates of eight different analysts Nintendo Switch Sales They are less than expected in the second year of their life, and they will not reach the company's sales target for March 2019. The average worldwide sales of analysts estimates, as previously reported by the medium Nintendo Switch In the 35 million consoles for the next March, there is not a small figure, but it is less than three million in less than 38 million minutes. Nintendo Expected for the end of its second year

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Obviously, most analysts show the decrease in the speed of the launches as the main reason for a slowdown in sales. William O & # 39; Nail & Company analyst Cornelio Ash words: "All big consoles are very good in the second year, and Nintendo It has not happened with the switch. Investors thought that maybe they could sell 90 million units in five years, but after this year, it actually seems impossible", Which he added"This Share When they were worth going down Switch, Who do not speak well about long-term prospects"

Likewise, the famous Michael Pachter remains loyal to his past opinions and commented that "2018 is a wake-up call and has reduced expectations on the planet. This Switch It's nice, but it's mostly a laptop and it's pretty expensive. I do not expect sales growth unless the price falls below 200 dollars"Instead, Credit Suisse analyst Henaka Takahashi sees"Very likely"To advertise The new model of the Nintendo Switch During the first half of 2019

On the other hand, from Nintendo Bloomberg has commented that it is early to evaluate the performance Second year sales, And it remains true to their initial expectations. With the latest release of Pokémon Let's Go, who sold 3 million units in just one week, and the upcoming premiere Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, It will be necessary to see how estimate Nintendo Switch Sales Keeping this analysis in mind, especially with a few Christmans that can make a good increase in console sales. Until then, we release you from your own impressions of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

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