Monday , March 27 2023

One man came to a bar in Rosario on Saturday night


In a pishched environment, a crushed animal near bowling has died in another area of ​​Rosario. Credit: Twitter

On Saturday night and Sunday a special event was a bar parish around Rosario, a small bar in the city: a man's disappearance and a glass of the place where he went out for five minutes.

Johnny B's in the bowling aroon or Gates in Santa Fe city. What's remarkable is the security camera of the bowling known as Good. On Sunday morning, the number of people distributed in the area of ​​animals were commented and commented on social networks.

But Johny B. It was a pleasure to know that the man who had visited the Good Sunday died at a central bank Rosario area on Sunday at about 20 am.

The man who came in Mann told the newspaper La Capitol: "I do not know what the truth is, I'm locking up a girl next door and seeing the guy who's going to walk through the Wall Rite and take a Auroo here."

"When he entered a front room of the bar, he raised his head against the glass door, and he was afraid, because he started running, broken our window's window and went inside," he said. Manager of Johnny B. Good relationship.

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