Tuesday , August 3 2021

One of the girls disguised for sparkling wine in a bowling alley is 15 years old

The authorities of Santa Fe province responded after the spread of the images they viewed Adolescents strip off their clothes to win alcoholic drinks in the bowling alley. In addition, it was confirmed that it was One of the young girls climbing on a pub stage is 15 years old.

In this context, it will be one of the steps taken for the next several hours Police find the girls involved, including the youngest, who came to show their breast in the enormous "contest", which could win a glittering wine.

According to the portal A Santa Fe, The aim is to find out what the discrepancy he has received, and if such conditions are in the bowling alley on it. There will also be second priority during the investigation Talk to the parents of the teenager.

There will be other steps agreed by the Office of Gender Violence and the Defense Ministry of Santa Fe As soon as possible, municipal authorities, police, bowling owners also question, but those people who operate a night pub. In this context, they will be sensitive to civil issues such as corruption and drug abuse, or other crimes such as delivery of narcotics.

Especially on the police who are relevant, They will demand that municipal troops and officers have more attendance and control over the night's space.

Discharge of the Bowler Animator

Facebook as a pedalo belose, a young man wrote on his social network and, Too far from self-criticism, he asked "Do something more sensible" in spreading this case.

He wrote, "People who are worried about Gib Piba and are not thinking why they do not start doing something more sensible, I think it is very much to talk about things without knowing things."

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