Wednesday , July 28 2021

Online loan companies expect to grow in 2019

"The macroeconomics slows down or accelerates according to the criteria and should look at the risk by default reference," said Seeducutas CEO and co-founder Ezquiel Weisstadt, member of the BEND Group. "We believe that there is a good chance for financial technologies in Argentina," he added at a meeting with the press.

Credicutos can triple its customer base by 2019, and its investment portfolio has increased 7 times since 2016. "When Macro starts to become quiet, reduces rates and suspicions of employment are removed, everything is expected to improve."

On the other hand, the company's director and the CEO of the buyind group Fasundo Vazquez said that "this emergency does not present a good opportunity if provision of a late payment is made in 2001, at that time we do not give more credit as we are not close to 2001".

With a portfolio of more than 2,000 million pesos, Kreducuats offers a personal loan in stores for the purchase of sustainable goods, with presence in 2,500 stores; And personal loans online.

Vazax explained that he plans to develop a new development such as the Kredkucus payment button, "The market is ready to go and we are testing with businesses to launch it".

"I estimate that we will be in the second quarter next year," he said.
In tuning, Juan Pablo Bruzo, co-founder of Monte Fintech, said that the company "is increasing every year and this year it will rise a little bit".

"There is not so much for demand, but for the precautions before the status of Argentina and the real economy will affect crime, more to complete understanding", he explained.

He said that "In the financial system, the level of crime percentage has generally increased and there is less in case of monetary than financial management."
Bruzo also mentioned the funding: "We have started a trust with 100% digital assets and as of May this market has decreased a lot, there are fewer trustees than the beginning of volatility."

On the other hand, Fintech, a specialist in customer loans by credits director Alberto Garcia, a consumer loan by shops, chains, and motorcycle agencies, said: "We can see a significant break on consumption from the middle of the year, as well as the systemic increase current due to current default".

"However, our attitude towards 2019 is favorable and we are anticipating that recovery begins its usage by the end of the first quarter."

"For this reason, we are working hard to keep up with the businesses and agencies we aim to attract our customers, who are smart, easy, competitive and personalized, to launch our B2C digital platform, and we are our strategic partners. . " .

Meanwhile, Argentine Representative of Visx Fintech, Salvador Kellogoro, suggested that "this year was very good, we increased 90% in the amount of loan and 60% in volume."

"Demand is very good but due to foreign investors, macroeconomic situation keeps us in mind, for it is important to have a stable macro context."

He said, "The group takes a lot of confidence in local operations and currently lends a loan of up to 12 thousand peso in 30 days, but in March / April we are contemplating launching Kota, because we are confident that the situation improves."

"We are more demanding because other channels have been closed, market players have reduced interest rates offer, Videsh has real funding from its shareholder abroad."

He said "The potential is that the next year will improve" and added that they are "working to make more partners with whom we can connect with clients in the long run, such as prepaid and insurers."


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