Sunday , March 7 2021

Opened "Resort" Piblo Nutivo with $ 20 million investment News from

Among the mountain ranges of the town of Villa Giardino, La Cumbre (Camino de los Artesanos), the first Resort (Tourist Complex) Five stars in Sierra: Publo Nottii.

The duties of the DMCC will be handed over by DMC chairman MD Chess. The first stage is in the final phase. On December 15th, including the GLOB GHL Sedadan, Radisson, Hayat Hilton).

106 seats (61 thousand apart private baths) and 61 km. The rest is for the surrounding environment: the Cocos (prepared around 28 apartments, 50 will be built), 320 Leaders' Golf (120 already nine-hole golf course double exit), three restaurants, two bars, swimming pools, Spas Water supply started at a convention center for 400 people.

The other is an attempt to keep the level of occupation in a short period of time. In fact, there were guided tours of corporate clients a few days ago. This is the first such complex in the Cordon Mountains, "says Chemes, who wants to become a brand that Pubo or Nautova might otherwise repeat.

Howard Johnson's Hotel in Córdoba, with the experience of Miami Projects and Investment Funds, "This is a complex business, needs tactile and lots of businesses." Large chains and development of destinations (the provincial government advises the Poles in Miramar and Ciara).

Investors agree that Pubo or Nottivio earns $ 80,000 (10 per cent of yield per year), including auto entend, auto munich, rosette dorportas, lecons, conntgini, fourth river).

"An attractive, innovative and profitable product should be conceived," he added.

This complex is located at 100 hectares of land bought years ago from villa Noura SA. Global investment is $ 20 million. About 70 per cent of these have already been implemented.

Malcolm Burg (United States), Lucian Y Azosidados, Harry Dee (Chile), Reilly-Francia, GHL Architecture, American Golf Course, Randy Thompson, and golf course.


It is expected that it will cost 150 to 200 dollars at the counter rate in the hotel. But there will be promotional price in the first days after opening.

Condos They are four units of blocks. Property will adjust to the upstream activity, with an apartment limit of 140,000 (one bedroom) to $ 200,000 (two beds). Many units are bought by agricultural investors.

Under the hardship, renting is a serious rental rental.

A lot Each plot is worth around $ 35 per square meter. Here too there will be up to 60 dollars per meter. Three houses are already being constructed. They need electricity (charges), and utilities (gas, electricity, etc.) will be billed.

Complex: Vacation Club

There will be a staff plant for 150 people.

350 Job At present there are about 200 workers. There are over 150 external interventions.

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