Wednesday , January 20 2021

Osella y la salida de Matías Suárez: "¿Cómo no voy a entenderlo?"

Diego Osella Blanqueó la Salida de Matías Suárez, who has a Belgrano for the River and an analogy of the locality, who has been able to get the best of all the senses.

"It's a problem that we have not had a problem with, but it's a very different way than we have ever had a bus for a long time, and that is a very good way to travel. ", Sostuvo el entrenador del Pirata en la previa del amistoso con talleres, en dialelogo con Fox Sports.

Y agregó: "I have a great deal of money for my family." It is an old man who has been living in a reclining place. Además, who was able to meet with the local leader of the group, Olimpo, told the Newell's: "It's the most important thing to do with the coronation of the club." ¿Cómo no lo voy a entender a Suárez? "

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