Thursday , January 21 2021

Pablo Perez: "We're losing to the river because we play badly, it's a better football."

Pablo Perez He is the end for the first time Libertadores Cup Lose before River Boca's captain in Madrid, in this sense, recognized the superiority of the entire life's rival: "We are losing to the river because we have played badly, it's a better football."

In dialogue with Fox Sports RadioMidfielder said that "It does not pass by personality" Because she "wears Boca's shirt for the first time", but she recognizes it "They Have Soccer Marks" Two controversial finals.

In historical relation Eliminate the river in the club world cupPablo Perez admitted that Al Ain had a lot of work because of the result of penalty shootout. "More anger and impotence".

"I think Boca Fan wants to kill us twice with what happened yesterday (The defeat of the river against El Ain). But you have to raise your head and you have to put it, life is the same and it is in Boca. The lost river gives me more anger and impotence. When you are silent, you remember things. You say that you can do this, secondly. We could have won the game (superfine in Madrid).

In second order, Pablo Perez declined to receive an offer to move And he assured Its goal is to play the next Libertadores And win ". Captain "Zaniziez" also requested a rematch of "Final" in front of the river. "There is a change again if he is with them again, nothing more", He added.

* "The good thing is that in January Libertadores is likely to start playing, which is capable of winning the Trichampiono and we have to put everything. We should insist on that same desire and at some point we will raise the seventh. "

* "How do I feel lacking? It is not that the world runs for me. I have to continue. We have a rematch in 2019 And we can reverse the situations. "

* "You have to learn from the defeat. I'm the one who learns, I'm 33 years old and I'm going to retire. I want to continue learning, it will be soon to see success. If past competition has worsened, then I will do my best to achieve the goal. "

* "Renewal or ongoing issue on campus is the issue of leadership, president and new manager, I want to take revenge in Libertadores. I reached the semis and the finals, I want to win and want to take revenge which is in early 2019. "

* "To wear Boca's shirt, you have to be very personal, the river did not beat us for itWe need to lose because we played worse than those who had football qualities, were not inclined. If he has won two finals because he played better. "

* "He speaks a lot outside, he does not spoil me now, I know the world boca. I know who speaks and who does not speak, I know this more than my house. They say that I'm going and I hate that part of football. Touch to wear Boca's shirt. "

* "Gilereo is a good coach, the result was given in the championship and not the cup, but he left us many things. He knows what I'm thinking about him. We spent three years of beautiful moments and bad moments, such as losing two finalists against the river. "

* "I do not think we had major bugs in Madrid, they had more qualities of their (river). They started taking risks and we want to take care of the result. Then we went a little further and I started running. I did not want to go and he was angry to leave me. "

* "People will be hurt, I do not think they are going to court and insult, but it's good.Or I think Boca Fan, that is, to encourage it and go to La Labonera to make the bank. ".

* "It was the most painful defeat of my career, the worst. I wanted to finish the cup winning year, by giving people what they deserve. He supported everyone. We got something else, but someone has to lose. "

* "The match we got separated from what we planned. We made the first half good and the second half changed, the river started searching for space. Barrios was the expulsion key. He runs everyone in the midfield When you lose someone like him, he starts changing. "

* "No offer has come to me. If he looks, I'll talk to the President and if Angelie decides that I'll have to go, I'll go. But today there is nothing. I have no doubt that I will continue in Boca. I have a contract and I present myself on 3 January. "

* "I condemn myself for some strategic things done in the game. For example, send Nandez to my place because the opponent was attacking us in my area and I was not physically well. "

* "I got a 10 minute injury in the game against the river. I stopped till and stayed there I did intrusion. But I started walking badly and the roads cost me more than before. "

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