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"People are balling in that dance … I don't think the goal and politics are the same."


Daddy Briva He was one of many artists who began to express his ideology and defend the government of Nestor Kirchner and Cristina Fernandez. Thus, gradually he began to settle in numerous disputes and began to enmity. It turns out that, moreover, Funny It has a great front character and usually leaves you with no filter at all.

Now Former driver of Agrandadytos He acted in a great scandal for his very philosophical opinion of Marcelo Tinelli's prospects in the world of politics. In dialog with the radial cycle Show of show, Led by Ulysses Jet, Comedian He fired: "I don't care if Tinley gets into politics."

However, he said the opposite. "I think they should be higher
Ready people who have accepted the responsibility of such roles ”,
Wholeheartedly Husband of Marilla Achippi.
“I'm not happy that any policy will dance to the dance. Me
I like to watch my wife, Piquin, Moliniers or Gabo.

"What in
Dancing there are people pelotudeando I do not think objective and politics
That's it. Everyone has to be willing to do what they know how to do, "
Criticized MidachiGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Then you
They asked what the driver thought Showmatch You have the conditions to be a candidate. “No, those are
The situation is with politicians, "he replied.

“I have no conditions and I've been a terrorist my whole life. To become an advertiser, for example, you have to learn a lot of things, training. I believe in the preparation of it all, ”she concluded. Remember that Daddy, In late July, he shared a video that went viral and had a lot of impact. There he spoke to the voters and offered a few words to the former president.

“I wanted to
Be there to encourage them, to tell them that I know what they are doing
What a wonderful work. I know this thing in the effort, the silence, the street
From: D 'eh Daddy, I'm like you'. And whenever I live, I'm really excited ",
Acknowledged significantly excited. "Here we are close to changing history.
I invite you to chat, talk, politely and subtly with that aunt,
With that neighbor, with that friend, ”he continued.

In the end, he delivered an encouraging message to Exmandatoria. "And in the context of Christina, I remember the last place, when she said:" Well, I will leave them, but I will turn into a pumpkin. "Dear heroine, this long night is over and you will be back with your people to the palace, where you should never leave." BrevaGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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