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Persecution, Crashes, Spines and Detention Crime – 07/01/2016

After that Cinematographic search, City Police's motorcycle agent succeeded in arresting a criminal in the southern part of Federal Capital.

In the Villa Reichules, the safety camera located on General Paj Avenue was opened only at the entrance of the city, when it was ordered to be abducted. She was one Ford or White.

The police's security protocol and motorcycling enabled the driver to give a loud voice to the vehicle. However, The man ignored the order and ran away.

This episode was most often recorded by The cameras or agents were considered to be one identical. In the images you can see how Ford accelerates and starts to dodge suddenly vehicles on the normal page.

Arriving at the native of Coronel Rock Avenue, the Ford driver hit another car and then spin it. However, when a motorcycle agent walked behind him, he ran away until he reached a landed area. Got out of the vehicle and started running.

At the foot, the agent chased him in the inner part of the park Ribeira Sur, where he finally managed to stop it.

By identifying the offender, that man could determine Accumulated criminal record. White K was requested to abduct December 31 and was inside His wife and daughter.

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