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Pokémon Let's Go !, Black Friday's Best-Selling Video Game – 11/26/2018


Pokemon go! Picchu / Ewe All records break and become Best selling video game during Black Friday In the United States, and fourth in the general category of sales, laptops usually had second and number of toys.

Thus, the Nintendo Video Game won, in its premiere Podium The Best Selling Switch Game of the Day

According to a report by Adobe Insights, it was the first place on the general podium Laptops All brands, then Dolls LOL Surprise.

Pokémon Let's Go has a version with Pikchu or Ewe.

Pokémon Let's Go has a version with Pikchu or Ewe.

In the third place, other toys, beautiful little monkeys were placed Fingerlings, While for the fourth place was there Video Game Starred by Picchu O Ewe And the fifth for the second title: God of WarPlayStation VideoGame

What is Pokémon: Let's go!

Pokémon: Let's go! It was released as one Yellow Pokemon remake Released for Game Boy in 1998 Significant changeThere is no need to get Pokemon Fight Against them in random combat; Instead, they are captured and they are captured Throw pokemon, And it is necessary to do this Gestural release With the switch joystick of the console.

The game, in addition, is about Compatible With a new auxiliary, A. Pokey Ball Which allows you to store Pokemon and walk with it. Similarly, Integrated with Pokemon GoSuccessful Mobile App

Pokémon Go, receives a successful launch Captured For the animal and you win Experience She had won before the fight. The whole process looks like one Simplicity The original structure, but actually fits the time.

According to the version played, With Peachu or Ewe player As a helper, and some different characters will appear: not available in both sports.

This game appeals Nostalgia, And it was also presented on social networks as well The official song of the series.

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