Thursday , January 21 2021

Prefect was shot by his police girl

Investigative sources said that the woman was still shocking when the couple was murdered in connection with a violent argument between the couple and was arrested at that time. Shortly before it was the neighbors of the place, who warned the police station about what was going on inside the house, which had Kareena Kibral and Raoul Gels, when they heard screaming and then heard the fire of the shootings.

After the arrival, the agents received access to the garage of property located on Rock Sains Pine (400 kilometers away from the capital of the Corrientes), in front of the Soccer field in Santo Domingo, Tablada neighborhood, between Mediagaga and Guercio Artigas, Wales, according to Chief Agueller, by forensic experts working in the area According to a story signed, eight bullets in the body were on the ground with wounds. Not only that, the first police body of the Corretti was in the road after 3 years of her daughter.

Santo Toména's Commissioner said, "The woman was asleep when the marriage started, and she ended up grieving." Doctors reviewing Ceberl concluded that she did not have any bullets or injuries, so Justice ordered her arrest to charge her assassination.

Well today the PNA unit in Buenos Aires was responsible for working on his work. Meanwhile, Kebral provided supervision and custody services in local courts.

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