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Providing bonus to those who have retired, as the social movement progresses, the hardworking strikes are confirmed



IMF officials admitted to the Trade Union leaders that the worst of the crisis has not happened yet. In the last few days, hard work goes to unemployment

The CGT leadership raised the IMF to initiate the resumption of this Thursday, strengthening social programs, and steps to create jobs before describing defamation of social indicators. Union leaders presented their demands at the meeting of the agency representative of Buenos Aires Roberto Cardarelli. The crisis will arise within the next six months, "said Nicholas Dujoin, the Finance Minister. He highlighted the scale of this setup.

At a meeting in the headquarters of the UCC headquarters, union delegation led by landowner Gerardo Martinas warned of a "notorious" decline since the first meeting held last August. Wages, employment and inflation have risen to 46 per cent in October.

Contrary to official expectations, trade union activists have warned cardrelli. They said that social peace would be at risk and that the authorities would repeat the absence of discussions.

In this sense, it highlights the need to use "urgent" economic and political measures to retain jobs, regain the domestic market and revive the economy. One of the main needs of the Iphropisation last Friday is the increase in retirement in March in the mobility law, the additional increment for social projects and the Universal Assignment Son (AUH)

In recent years, social movements have increased the pressure to get "bonus" – an additional increase – their protest plan has come back to resume.

The Senate summoned me a day after the budget was approved. An adjustment of $ 400 million shared with the provinces. After the compromise with Protection Labor Dante Sika, the company concludes the CGT concluding decision to disrupt planned unemployment in these days, once companies have to disclose disbursements under a single bonus of $ 5,000 in two tranches and a system, and a 10-day notice shall be decided in both ways.

The representative of Azupardo opposed the official forecasts of the group today to Carderilli. Carlos Acuwa, Transmission Carlos Aquinas, Andhra roads, Metallierist Enric Salinas and Juice Luis Lanka have opposed the integrated mix of water resources. Authorities are predicting "worst" in October. The IMF official said that inflationary and high interest rates are expected to be the most difficult moments of the crisis until mid-2019. The complexity of the economy is complicated by the restructuring and productive investments.

Economist acknowledged that Downdon's remarks were unfortunate during a conversation with industrialists. "The decline has not changed, but the government has not lost," he said. However, the liquidation of the field's crop guaranteed the influx of foreign exchange and the pressure on the dollar, but now the priority of the program is to eliminate economic and financial instability, a diplomatic path to union interests

"The meeting, which began in June, was held at the meeting to discuss the comments of the partners in the economy, as well as the work of Argentine workers and social issues." Discussions with Argentine trade unions have been further strengthened and cooperating with them in the next revision, "the agency's sources said iProfessional.

Voltage for bond and parity

The Dialogist section of the IMF was held simultaneously at the Confederation of Transport (CATT) Planetary. On 4th and 7th of November, the Conference for Conferences will be held three days earlier at the G20 summit.

It is a type of "virtual" strike that will have the greatest impact on the aeronautical sector (restore service only 10), most unions are CATT members, cargo, ports, buses and trains. They require a profit, a free parity, a CGT and an increase of retired people.

Contrary to the resistance raised by the CGT slogan, many members will find a suggestion for the judicial review of the judiciary. Airports, led by Moianist Juan Pablo Brei, will begin this Friday. The ATE Bra is a member of the CAT. Over the last few years, over 200 flights have been crashed. Like his colleagues, the trade unionist urges employees in the eurolean and requests the protection of workers in Anders and a laptop in Latin.

Parallel State level parallel open discussions brought forth a strong fear of decentralized agencies and companies in charge of the state. Now benefits are not utilized. It is also the employees of the Argentine Emónate, Roca, Miter, San Martin, Belgreno Suek.

"It is not on the list, but every State company has its own joint discussion, all of which are quite different and each one is different," official sources in the media explained.

Employees of national administration now have a power. In the last hour, UPCN announced that it would increase global investments by $ 4,000 and bonus peso to $ 5,000 for a $ 4,000 basic salary, to increase global global revenue by 25%. But the contract represents only a 20% recovery for the lowest wage, more than 50 percent of the expected inflation rate. Instead, they need to discuss their stand.

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