Monday , January 25 2021

River Bunker in Punta del Este

They finished the holidays River plate. The remaining two weeks will be returned to the millionaire training. After the victory Copa Libertadores de América And get to the third place Club World, Set which strategically manages Marcelo Gallardo Will come back in practice with the idea of ​​renewing their objectives for 2019. To do this, La Banda will make a precible in a place that brings good memories: Solanas Complex No Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Nunze cast staff returned Monumental Stadium Today's day Antonio Vespucci Liberty is called at 17:00 to conduct the first training of the players who constitute the delegation. A few hours later, some leaders and coaching staff will start the trip to Uruguay, with eighteen players referred to by the Municie, where they will carry out the set-up.

At that place, the painting directed by Napoleon acted in two prescriptions. Both were in January and 2016 respectively in January. The place's features chose Gallard to choose the place to train with its players. It is 140 hectares and is far from the center of Punta del Este, so it gives much peace to the environment. Furthermore, this site provides all kinds of happiness and facilities for those delegates.

Marcelo Gallardo chose eight players to travel to Uruguay. Archer is Franco Armani, German Lux, Enrique Bologna and Ezekiel Santuran. As defender, among the people chosen by Muneko were Jonathan Matan, Nahual Gallardo, Javier Pinaloa, Hector David Martinez, Gonzalo Montel, George Moreira, Milton Kisco, Kevin Sibley, and Lukas Martinez Quarta.

As part of this, the flyers who will do the precision and will be considered by the munco in 2019, it will be Camilo Maya, Bruno Zuckulini, Leonardo Ponzio, Acquiel Palacios, Ignacio Fernandez, Juan Fernando Quintoro, Nicolás de la Cruz, Enzo Perez and Cristian Ferreira. . However, in the short span of this sector, an investment is rejected. Lucas Prato, Rodrigo Mora, Rafael Santos Bauer, Federico Giorotti, Lucas Beltran and Ignacio Scoko are the forwarded forwarders for Napoleon's set-up in Solona's complex.

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