Thursday , May 6 2021

Sales in stores decreased by 15% in November, which is the sharpest decline this year

Retail sales fell in stores 15.6% in NovemberAccording to a survey conducted by the Argentine Chamber of Medium-sized Enterprises (CAM), this year has seen a sharp decline.

According to the agency, 83.3% of the occupations have recorded annual losses And stores seven consecutive sales seven months, so they ask that 12 programs will now be restarted without interest.

CAME also claimed different rates for SMEs and in 2019, Congress approved labor reform which allowed employers to reduce their contribution.

According to the document published by the entity, most companies have registered a 5.8% commercial decline in 2018 so far, when they specified that the best selling system was online in November.

If you compare it to 2017, Despite the promotion, transactions declined 15.6 percent And fees offered by many local

He said in a statement that it affects the high debt of debt collected by credit card and rising families of interest, which results in access to financial system due to the strong displacement of money.

According to this survey, the most affected items were furniture, household appliances and electronic goods, followed by footwear and textiles, whose merchants explained that they had "a lot of storage."

If the region is analyzed, Argentina was northeastern (NEA), an average decrease of 14.2% and the city and province of Buenos Aires, with the fall of approximately 17.4%.

With the agreement with the acceleration of holidays and cards to provide payment facility to customers, sales in these businesses are expected again in December.

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