Friday , January 22 2021

Sandalseries: Reducing inflation to the central bank is a big challenge

The message delivered by Sandelleries countries with the panelists of the emerging countries was that "Latin America is better prepared to deal with the more challenging international context, which is characterized by the generalization of global interest rates and trade tensions."

He explained that the current context is more complicated, and it was one of the main reasons of the difficult year Argentina experienced in 2018. However, he commented that a good portion of the imbalance in improving our economy has been improved.

In that sense, The official stressed that when the central center of the center aims to reduce inflation, it will not be a year's work.

"Emerging Markets Outlook" from the panel participated in the Turkish Finance and Finance Minister, Governor of Madhya Pradesh, Barat Alberek, CEO of Agiliti, Stark Sultan El Aisa, Kevin Schneider, Global Managing Partner and Chief Executive of MacKinsey. From Hong Kong, Kerry Lam

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It is worthwhile to remember that Sandellers had held meetings with investors, entrepreneurs and investment banks on Tuesday with Dujaov, in which he preached progress in Argentine tax matters and analyzed the financial possibilities of potential investments in the country.

In return, the finance minister met with officials from North American communications company AT & T, who was the owner of other directive companies. He did AT & T, Lori Lee, along with the Latin company's Vice President, Karim Lacey and also with the head of the Latin Telecom, which is also the owner of CNN, HBO and Warner Brothers among other telecommunications companies.

Meanwhile, Dijav will meet with the president of the multi-national Coca-Cola President, James Qunness on Wednesday, ahead of the company's investment plans in the country and Amazon's Global Services CEO Michael Pank.

The minister will also hold a press conference with the chairman of Central Bank and later with JP Morgan Bank's president Daniel Pinto and EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmestron.

On Thursday, the meeting with the head of the IMF, after the closure of 2018, with the fiscal deficit of 2.4% of GDP, down 2.7%, agreed with the agency.

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