Sunday , January 17 2021

She claimed $ 300,000 to her ex-wife, believing she was a biological father of her children

After 20 years, after raising him, a man found that he was not a biological father of his children. One doctor told him that he was infertility from birth. Now ordered a former wife of a judge Richard Mason You pay a fine of $ 318,000.

After a strict legal battle, the woman can name the father's true name. Mason, for his part, he never crosses his mind, I do not suspect for others, that his children are not really his. Doctors diagnosed them with cystic fibrosis, which is a hereditary disease that has caused sterilization in its case.

The DNA test confirmed it to him fear: he was not the biological father of his 23-year-old son and his two wives. Mason separated from his former wife, Kate in 2007. In 2016, when he knew that he was a descendant and she had to face, she confessed that she is unfaithful.

Mason believes that the same man is the father of three children, and this happened during a romance, which lasted for almost four years, his ex-wife was in the mid-90's.

Apparently, a woman's former lover knows that three young people are her children. This case was known after Mason established legal law to recover a part of the $ 5 million, with which he lived after his ex-divorce. She claimed for her a fraud, she believed that she is a father, Daily Mail.

According to Mason, after the birth of her first child, her ex-wife had a sudden interest in Jewish religion and gave her other Hebrew names to her children. He refused to baptize them as Christians. For that, this may be a sign of who the real father is.

55-year-old Mason is a successful Internet entrepreneur, admits that when he found out that boys are not children, his life has been destroyed.

"You do not know what's real and what's not, like you're leading a matrix." One day someone will tell you: everything you know and whatever you thought was solid and true is not real and it never exists. You are not a dad, you can not have children, there is no legacy of your name"Mason said.

"Through Facebook I still see what people do, it's disastrous, the next day I saw a senior graduate, and I was not invited," he added.

Mason says that his ex-wife believed him that the boys were her. After seven years of marriage, she had reasons to doubt her parenthood since she became pregnant.

After the divorce, the woman constantly wanted money for the maintenance of children. "When a biological father never weighs him down"Mason said.

In 2016, when she learned about her condition, her ex-wife confessed her romance, but she refused to name him. She said that she had sex with her ex-lover 12 times, but she could not be a father because she always used condoms. He insisted that Mason was the real father, but the DNA test proved otherwise.

Despite everything, Mason says that boys are the best of the marriage they describe as "cold and unhappy".. She was present in all three deliveries, first and first four years in 1995.

"I'm not a dad, I know, but I'm still a father. When I'm talking about them with other people, Naturally, after 21 years, he said that & # 39; my kids & # 39;. Then correct what I said and say: The children I thought were mine, "Mason said.

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