Thursday , July 29 2021

Six-minute Insight Terror on Mars: NASA Ship Can not Make Any Mistake

The Insight spacecraft of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will enter the Martian atmosphere on a supersonic speed and then break the ground gently and safely on the red planet ground. This success will depend on your performance in the last six minutes of a six-month tour.

After being fully organized for every step of the road, the flight controllers are about 160 million km in the final phase of Monday. There will be no change in the distant context. There is an eight-minute delay between each passing message between Mars and Earth.

Tom Hoffman of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said in the charge of the project, "As long as we hear something, everything will end." "U did not happen or happened."

One-and-a-half hour is required before touching the spacecraft surface, says Rob Grover, an engineer who leads the team in lineage charge.

"We are convinced that our successful efforts are made in the previous years," he explained.

Six minutes before arrival, Insight will enter 19,800 kilometers per hour, which is 114 km from the surface. The above Martin will enter the upper part of the atmosphere.

Atmospheric friction reduces the speed of the vessel, but produces heat. Insight's heat shield has the ability to cope up to 1,500 degrees Celsius. Once you get 11 km from the ground After the removal, your parachute will be open while the ship will last 1,400 kilometers / hour.

When only three minutes are missing, Insight will remove its heat shield and use its three landing feet. At 215 kilometers / hour speed, it will remove one parallel from its parachute and its rear shell.

Almost immediately, its 12 fewer engines will reduce its speed and keep it away from the latercapes, which will still fall under the parachute. You only have 45 seconds left. The spacecraft will turn itself into such a way that its solar panel is landed on the Martin surface to expand east and west, and its robotic arm is south. Now it will travel at 27 kilometers / hour and 50 meters altitude.

Fifteen seconds ago, the Insect Eulisium Planetia is hoping to touch Mars at a distance of 8 kilometers per hour in the nearby ground. There it will be two equivalent to Earth, one of Martin's various scientific tasks during the year. During the night temperature can reach 96 degrees Celsius as it is a winter season.

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