Friday , May 7 2021

Smartphone manufacturers want to integrate the cameras on the screen

Smartphone manufacturers removed the edge and then it was the turn of the home button, all of which were intended to expand the size of the screen. Apple gave a prominent hint, which was added to the top, which became an identifier for the iPhone X Sensor and front camera The next thing will be the integrated camera in the screen.

Huawei leaked snapshots in a profile of popular social network in China, Weibo. This was withdrawn after drawing attention to the media, it is the front of the smartphone which has only the screen.

The company reduced the front camera by turning it into a small hole The producer recognized the image and asked the media to see the next December 3, when the team will be announced.

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Huawei wants to be sure to become the leader in launching mobile phones with integrated optics in the screen. However, this is not the only one to carry out this image, as Samsung plans to launch the anticipated Galaxy F with a folded screen terminal, one folding screen for optics.

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