Thursday , January 28 2021

So why have not you discovered the moon's hidden face?

China performs great feats in space, and this is not the first time a visit to the Chand-4 probe moon, but now this device has become the first to be released on the hidden face.

This fact was unprecedented, even before Apollo Missions did not receive the same, many people were asking: Why was it difficult for Chandra to reach this area?

According to scientists, you can see only 59% of the Moon's surface from Earth, the fact is that it takes time to take a full turn from a full round travel around our artificial satellite. Earth's

Because both movements have been completely synchronized, the secret face of the moon has been a mystery to humans, until the Russian investigator Luna-3 was not successful in photographing for the first time in 1968.

Now NASA's Lunar Reconciliation Orbiter Probe is charged for taking a detailed map of this side of the Moon, but all examinations have always been done from the distance. Therefore, the climax of Chang-4 is so endless.

"Landing on the hidden side of the moon is more dangerous than the area near you. We have had many problems with the terrain. According to the state news agency Xinhua, solving these problems can help in the foundation of future space exploration.

According to the mission's charge, the most critical part is that in technical aspects, they will have many complications with communication, because the satellite itself blocks the signals coming from the Earth, so orientation maneuvers must be carried out. Without any help from ground-based controllers

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