Thursday , January 21 2021

Sol Prez disagrees with Brittano's angel: "Those who hate always live

Sole Prize And ngel de brito They get very bad. Since that time, I had told about the story of George Lanata and Marcelo Longbowini's stories about the blonde and showed their agreement with them, Soul could not even see it. Although it seemed like a forgotten struggle, Climate ExxicaI returned to Charge in the dialog for the Eleventh Tenth / City Radio with the prominent Ketley.

I thought that the next day they took a screenshot of a mobile phone in the US, encouraging Negel De Brito, saying that I was in the round and now I had to show that I was more than a criminal. I would have liked that Nagel says something, he responds, because he is in the middle and he has not said anything, I told Katalyina Duggi very angry.

I enjoy Bullimian as a girl, the comments you make, and then think you have to be skinnier. They want to impose full body and are not healthy, unexpectedly accepted Correct girlAbout the demands of acceptance of existing beauty summits and damages in many people.

Then he added: Always hate, because love and hatred arise. And then The sun I commented again Spur Furyosa: When he wants to attack anyone because of his physical appearance or his figure, he provokes me, because many girls and many boys suffer from anorexia and bullimia.

Finally, Star Criticize double talk on the part of the press. After what happened to Thalma (Ferdin), the same media commented such as: Guys, Soul Prez. Then they hung on #MirCmoNosPonemos. Television and moderate what is Hipprita. It is convenient for you to take the woman, but you're the first person to respect her, she ends Prize Sobri Rigidity

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