Tuesday , January 19 2021

SpaceX Starlink wants broadband Australia-wide – telco / ISP

Allen Musk's SpaceX has urged Australian authorities not to break the company's broadband broadcasting service or its ambitious broadband service.

The company used the submission [pdf] Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to remove potential future spectrum requirements for a StarLink

Starlink is an ambitious plan to integrate the constellation of 11,943 satellites that will make the world blanket from high-speed internet.

The submission of SpaceX is guaranteed by Australian authorities that the starlink will be allowed to serve users across the country, not only in set pocket of the country.

"The vast geographic coverage areas of space-based systems generally make the best satellites for broadband deployment in Australia in Metropolitan, Regional and Rural areas," the company said.

"Licensing planning or spectrum allocation is that limiting the artificial limitation in specific geographic areas reduces the benefits of adding next-generation broadband connectivity to the entire Star Australia.

"Any licensing regime that requires broadband service providers to obtain authorization on a city, city, or regional basis, adds complexity, time, and costs to the licensing process, and by extension, by expanding their service offering to satellite-based providers. Prevents subscribers everywhere at a reasonable cost. "

This week, it was announced that SpaceX is trying to raise $ 500 million to shut the Sterlink project off the ground.

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