Friday , May 7 2021

Stephen Curia returns to the court but loses the warriors

Detroit – Black Griffin scored 26 points and Detroit Pistons returned to the court of Stephen Karina on Saturday night defeating Golden State Warriors 111-102.

After losing 11 challenges due to spinal cord injury, he returned. He scored 27 points in a 21-point shooting, which includes three-point 9 to 3 zones.

André Dramand added 16 points and 19 rebands so Detroit would help win his fifth direct game.

Kevin Durant lost the Warriors with 28 points and added Clay Thompson 21.

John Wall has 30 points

Washington – John Wall made 30 points, Bradley added Bill 22 and Washington Wizards defeated Brooklyn Nats 6th and won the 102-88.

Marcim Morris fired from his display on Friday, when he defeated Philadelphia 10-1, he got 20 points from 12 points. In the fourth period it came to fifteen fifteen.

Allen Crabebe led Brooklyn with 14 points. In the last season in February, the nets' losing streak in the eighth row is the longest.

Nix wins overtime

New York – Emanuel Mudey scored 28 points for New York Nix's offense in 136-134 over time over Mimawy Bucks.

Rookie striker Kevin Knox had 26 points, the highest in his career, when New York lost two matches. Daman Dotson and Tim Hardway, Jr., each 21 units contributed.

Giancise Entecconmpo raked up 33 points and 19 rebounds for Milwaukee, which lost three of their last five games. Eric Bladesso added 27 points. Malcolm Brogodon finished with 22 points and with Brook Lopez 13.

Newway took the lead for the first time when Handway made the triple in the middle of the first set, while Anne Kant had put "Junk" in the third set with 3:13. The basket kept the game 71-70 in favor of the host.

But, Milwaukee liked the lead short because they responded with a lead of 17-0. Before Bucks reached 16 points, Nix favored the visitors with a final 97-9 3 score by parting the final seven goals.

Michelle Robins made a leap in the fourth quarter to bring Nix closer to two, but Entecconampo converted into a three-point drama, adding a four point play to Sterling Brown, Brogodo added a trio and Brown made Guira to take 113 runs. -99 till Milwaukee

However, New York did not beat Boake 25-11 in the remaining quarter to push overrights. Mududi's trio challenged to 124 and then Milwaukee failed in its final possession to put pressure on Overtime, which Antostokanampo started with a free throw score.

Muayede scored a triple to put New Yorkers 127-125, bladesso tied it with a basket on the plate. Muday and Blades turned the 3-point baskets to keep the game 130. Hardway made the jumper to give lead to Milwaukee 134-132 for the final time. After a while, Dot was able to score a trinity by leading Nix to 135-134. AnteTankanpo missed a try in the race and Mudade made a free throw to seal New York's victory.

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