Friday , May 7 2021

Story of Sandleris. | Banco Center President …

"In 2015 Argentina was in default with a major fiscal deficit without international reserves with capital controls and high inflation." It is not the words of a foreign economist who looks at the evolution of macroeconomics with the eyes of the analyst without the management responsibilities. An official said him. None has the custody of the President of the Central Bank. Gido Sandleris's statements are concerned by the city's financial operators. I say? Do not charge for reality? Do you really mean the word? Advice is taken by the consultant through this supplement, it still can not understand how the management settles the sustainability of Argentine debt in less than two years.

Despite the payment of Gulf funds and other conditions demanded by the market, the country's risk has increased in 2015. Companies such as Oil Company, YPF, are paid 10% interest every year for 8 years in international markets. In the city they guarantee that today the oil company does not get those rates or two-year bonds. The level of debt of the economy is also high. Without generating benefits for society, the figure of 25% of the product has increased by $ 100 billion.

2016, 2017 Mega-Ripening Fruit and 2018 Financial Rescue Where Is It? Cumulative growth in the last three years is zero. Average inflation is 38% and current account and fiscal imbalance has reached the highest figures in recent decades. There is no plan for the continuous development and development of the economy. The only factors that may give some incentive in the coming years are the impact of prolonged pruning and wealth in the construction sector. After 2016, the actual salary lost 20 points and the salary in dollars decreased to 2007 levels.

In recent years, macroeconomic performance is worthwhile. Institutional investors have lots of arguments to trust the financial team and get annoyed with the words of the Central Bank head. Operating monetary entity during Macquarie was the government's weakest point. Courses are not available for financial and exchange policies. Monetary fund has become a moderator while implementing new emissions and exchange rate strategies. Christine Lagarde's body charge caused a surprisingly shortage of skills to control the exchange rate. Central lost this year (net of IMF currency) reserves of $ 35 billion By August, Central tries to end the exchange rate directly, which increases by more than 120% in a year.

Backspace Inefficiency Paper These are some of the words that are most heard in the city's financial mealtime. Government economists who came to make modern Argentina, they ended the country with less than three years at the risk of Sovereign debt. International markets refuse to lend to Argentina and cause domestic bond yield to work at higher rates than some African countries. These are companies that have a per capita product of $ 3,000. Argentine has already reached its country's peril and now it seems disorganized to copy the standard of living of the economy. This year, half of the Argentine's per capita production is lost, which is around $ 8,000.

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