Thursday , January 21 2021

Stress after the end of the year: How to Recover

This World Health Organization (WHO) Defines the phenomenon of stress that physiological reactions prepare the organism with action. This view is believed, Stress will be an alarm, an excitement that leads to action, the necessary response to survival It may be compatible with demand of the environment, or insufficient or exaggerated demand.

When this natural reaction increases, the stress of stress increases, which affects human life and is caused by diseases and pathological disorders which block the normal development and function of the human body.

So we can separate the two types of stress. First we can say it "Physiological" or acute stress. It is an adaptive method for better defined conditions. In this situation, our body releases hormones that give more attention to the brain, builds muscle strain and increases pulse and blood pressure. In the short term, these reactions are favorable because they cause stress that helps manage the situation. In this way the body protects itself.

This Periodically, it lasted for a long time. This hormonal changes in this way Being permanent, they favor mental, physical and immune disorders (our defense system). Which causes diseases: hypertension, brain swelling, diabetes, obesity, depression or anxiety, skin problems, such as acne or eczema; Menstrual disorder or cancer

Chronic stress can cause many types of physical and emotional symptoms. They have to lose diarrhea or constipation, poor memory, headaches, energy or concentration, sexual problems, stiff neck or jaw, tired, sleep disorders or sleep, stomach discomfort, alcohol or drugs, to relax. Or weight gain, pain and generalized disorders.

Apparently, by the end of the year, the symptoms of festivals and additional responsibilities added at this time of year can increase the symptoms. It is advisable to consult your doctor if you present any symptoms and record them.

An important source There is a plan to make outdoor outdoor activities that are not scheduled or shade to take advantage of the rest of the facility.

Install more contact with nature; Perform physical activity and schedule for next year if possible:

  • Successful goals
  • Healthy food design aspects in the hands of a health professional
  • Do meditation, yoga, reading exercises
  • Losing news usage, limiting it to reporting but not "saturated"
  • Establish contacts with friends and family who may have been ignored in a year

In summary, Try to control our life and social classes will not lead us to life without direction or meaning.

Perhaps these tips seem to be Utiopian but there is a change in the real change, interest, awareness and planning.

* Dr. Miguel C. Sangoovnani (MN 78.412 – Mp 222.789) is a clinical physician, Master and Vascular Mechanics in Arthritic Hypertension. Medical Director – DIM Cardiovascular

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