Tuesday , January 26 2021

Sunbeds: The risk of pretending to be ten on the beach

Both men and women have a tendency to try to reach the first day of acceleration Skin. This practice usually leads to the use of sunbeds (and sometimes misuse) which accelerates the process.

Many wonder, skin is technically in the skin Body reaction to aggression and loss of UV radiation, Dr. Margarita Larrade, a member of Dermatology service of the German hospital. "The color disappears gradually, however, the damage caused by skin cells remains still It is accumulated because it has skin memory", The expert warns.

Many organizations recommend Do not expose yourself to ultraviolet radiation, Especially since people exposed by sun beds still increase the risk of cancer.

According to dermatologist Eicard Brettbert, the risk increases when a person goes into the sun bed Before 35 years of age. Also, it makes skin aging faster and lThe effects are endless. In some countries this is the same Restricted Use of Sunbeds like Australia, Canada and Brazil States like France have legal projects that evaluate the joining in this group.

Larrade argues: "There is evidence that ultraviolet radiation is associated with contact Appearance of all types of skin cancer, Including melanoma (malignant pigment cell tumor). It is the least common type of skin cancer, but it produces the highest number of deaths related to skin cancer. For this reason, there is a big concern about carcinogenic risks for using badges or sunslamps for tanning in the scientific community. "

Problems with "tanorexicos" (addicts)

Tanning addictions lose control of their limitations, which prevents the tanning process from being able to stop the skin after the skin is already brown, this pattern is similar to other addictions such as alcoholism or smoking. Some Features: The people who will feel it: excessive anxiety about losing the tone and chronic depression on the color of the skin, when the affected person is convinced that his voice is actually less than that.

In conclusion, Summary of Leralda, people who take care of the sun, and do not use bed and sunlamps, are " LessThose who have very clear skin, who burn easily, with personal or family history of skin cancer, people with many freckles and moles, who take photocentive medication (such as TetraScline, chloropromazine, emodorone and quinolone) The sun is damaged ".

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