Thursday , January 21 2021

Superliga: Fabricio Colossi to direct referee Boca of controversial expulsion

Superliga returned this week Precision is over and the games begin to point again, the games were re-considered (River-Defence, River-Union and San Lorenzo-Huracan).

And in the controversial decision, AFA Andreas Marlos decided to lead a meeting between Boca and Navel in Rosa Ario, Even though the referee did perform, he used to criticize In the classic between the cyclone and the globe

Marlos removed the Fabrica Colosseum from the Iron Damont by iron, which many people had explained to be rhetorical in the match, which ended on Sunday in New Gymmometer.

In addition to this, Nissan Pitt's After a long absence, they returned to the court. The judge in the final of the 2018 World Cup in Russia was not selected by Tendinitis from August, and he mentioned the match in December (after being elected as the world's best referee). Saudi Arabia championship.

Now, Pietney will return to Superliga in the Duel between Indiventi and Talare en Avelenda. For his part, Germany will take charge of a duel between Delphino, Nelé Plata leader, racing and Aldosivi.

Superliga date 16th Referee

Friday, January 25th

7:00 pm: Banfield vs. San Martin de San Juan (Pablo Icavaria)

7:00 am: Gaudí Cruz vs. Lenus (diego seblos)

21.10: Defense and Justice vs. San Lorenzo (Nicholas Lemolina)

Saturday, January 26th

17.10: Tiger vs. San Martin de Tucumán (Patricio Lautauto)

17.10: Hurricane vs. Rosario Central (Jorge Balino)

19.20: Atatico Tucuman vs. Gymnastics (Hernan Mastranjela)

21.30: Aldosavi vs. Racing (German Delphi)

Sunday, January 27th

17.10: Belgrade vs. Union (Nazarene's Aria)

17.10: Independent vs. Workshops (Sister Pitt)

19.20: river v. Board of Trustees (Morrow Wigglianas)

21.30: Newell vs. Boca (Andres Mellos)

Monday, January 28th

7:00 pm: Columbus vs. Argentina (Fernando Espinoza)

21.10: Students vs. Velez (Sylvio Trucú)

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