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Surprise! Gladys Florimonte crosses the path with Christine LaGorde, whom she emulated on TV – 01/12/2018

"Life gives you a surprise," said Gladys Florimont.

Comedian met with head of the IMF head Christine LaGarde at the Buenos Aires Hotel, Who has the copy in the program? Ppt (Journalism for all) (Thirteen).

On Saturday morning Gladys Florimont liked it daily at Hotel Madero in the Nigerian area, in the area of ​​Puerto Madera, such as she was a few meters away. The great was your surprise When the room enters Logarde, who lives in the same hotel during her stay to attend a GT.

Gladys Florimont and IMF head.

Gladys Florimont and IMF head.

Gladys, thanks to the hotel staff who knew them, they could contact him Tell him that he has followed every week In the George Laneta Program

The officer with this actress was very nice They made a brief conversation very relaxed.

Florimont was happy because he never imagined that the person is imitating the whole year with success: "The truth is that he was surprised to find there because he is a place where I will go to breakfast almost every day, so I I count it at my home and seeing it there was very strong, "Gladys told Al Trace TV.

She added: "She was very hot, very attentive, I could cross a few words in French and she shook my hand … except for any political idea, she is a very important world leader and a character who has given me a whole He gave much satisfaction during the year. He was happy to be able to tell them. "

Florimont Ppt

Florimont Ppt

Gladys returned to Corboda this week, where she is filming the movie Chancha Next to El Puma Gotini. It is directed by Franco Verdia and will do Season with Alvare Navia in Carver Paz this summer.

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