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The & # 39; Spacing & # 39; Clare enters home: "Deliver everything or we take girls"

December 2, 2018

The former tennis player Jose Luis Clares was attacked, beaten and tied to his home in Olivos, which was located halfway from the fifth of the president.

When the world's eyes were in Argentina and everyone had shown a strong presence of security by the government on the service of leaders in our country to discuss in the GD, Only a few blocks from Olivos's presidential residence have been violently attacked by the home of Extinest.

Tennis commentator and former player Jose Luis & # 39; Batata & # 39; Clare said that he was with a family member in his family garden on Friday and when he was back home He found the attackers, who, after threatening them, defeated them and tied it with tie, stole valuable things. Jewelry, family memories, cash and electronic devices, including your cell phone.

According to the complaint, Some of his daughters and some of the girls who were in this place were taken behind the house. "If you do not do everything, we will take one of the girls"He threatened a thief who arranged to escape the robbery in the car, who was waiting for him at the door, which was allegedly driven by a fourth companion.

After complaining, Police note that the doors of Clarke's door did not have gates and windows were not violated, So it is speculated that the criminals had copies of Keys property. The owner of Vicente Lopez's office, Martin Gomez Segundo, Who was on duty, ordered various testing steps to proceed with the investigation.

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