Tuesday , January 26 2021

The billionaire has promised to give money for retweet

Yusuke Maysawa's tweet is somewhat apparent when publishing this note
At the top 5,500,000 ratings And more than a million
"I like it." Maisawa is a very wealthy Japanese businessman
Some e-commerce companies Their wealth reaches 2,900
Million dollars
And one of Japan's 50 richest people.

This man has stores like Zzotown and contemporary art
The Tokyo Foundation, and it has been spent Above
110 million
In a painting. But maybe its name is more
The rest of the world is known that it will be The first commercial passenger
Moon orbit of space in the BFR rocket

Write in Jenbatta to get a large number of retweets, the businessman appeals
Perhaps the best strategy known to man: Provide money. In
On January 5, his tweets were released, Maisawa said I pay a million
100 people from yen who will follow them and tweet them again
About 360,000 Argentine Peso

In its tweet in the shape of a new year's card that looks like silhouette
Himself travels in the moon in a moon, Mesaawa explains its store
Zazhotau has sold more than 10 billion new stars in the new year
To show yen and your gratitude Will deliver one million yen
. And of course, to finish using the hashtag or yes it goes

Today's date is January 7, It's probably
The number of retweets for a few more hours will continue to increase,
Especially those that generate all the attention from

The practitioner says that they will contact the winners through messages
Straight and so Tweet boy
Of nodes
Dump the dust after showing the most reloaded record
With 3.6 million retweets.

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