Thursday , May 6 2021

The character designer of the Neptune series will leave its fixed position at Idea Factory –

If you're a consoles in console wars and complicated video gaming industry, it's possible that at some point you've heard about this series. Neptune No Idea Factory And Compile Heart, Which is inspired by real world trends to create science fiction world influenced by video games.

One of the highlighting aspects of this IP is the cast of those unique characters that combines real-world details with colorful anime style designs and other fictional stories, which both scenes of the visual novel emerge. Inside the gameplay, as a dark environment to explore.

Unfortunately the original designer of the series's characters, TsungoIn a recent blog, it was announced that he decided to leave the company because he needs to go to a site near his family's home to look after family members who are not well-advised.

When you move away, you will not be able to follow the transferred hours Idea Factory Or from any other company in your area until now. However, he has confirmed that he will continue to work with the company in that series Neptune As an irregular, now it will work for orders from home or from another nearby office.

The next installment of the series, Super Neptune RPG, Its presentation confirmed Nintendo Switch For the next spring in the west, and knowing that is comforting Tsungo In this and in the next titles of the franchise, it will lead its talent.


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