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The Church warns that "social inequality is very big and dangerous for the future" – 06/29/2016


Speaker of the Episcopal Conference, Bishop Oscar OJA warned that "the degree of social inequality in which we immerse is very great and It is very dangerous for our future"And in this we are considered" necessary to recover the passion to face the challenge presented. " " Very difficult and difficult time for Argentina ".

Ojia made these concepts while speaking at the beginning of the new edition of the traditional social week, which organizes churches in Mark Dell Plata every year and incorporates politicians, business leaders, and trade associations. This time its theme is "Work: The key to integral human development".

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Among the present authorities were ministers of the Province of Buenos Aires Province, Joan Della Torre; Secretary of the United States, Alfredo Abreeni; Apart from the holder of Mar del Plata, the mayor of Carlos Arooyo, the former Labor Minister, Jorge Trikova and the Social Pastor, Bishop George Lugons.

"Structural reasons for poverty remain in the market's full autonomy and above all Financial speculation. This is protected by autonomy The idea of ​​rejecting the right to control the states The OJA said that it is responsible for scheduling common good.

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"He," he clarified, "does not mean condemning capitalism, which is why The church denies it is the theoretical perfection of the market, That means this in one order and it is treated as self-regulation and as the regulator of all social life.

For this reason, he thought that "we must be with the impressive efforts that Pope Francis is establishing as the world's leader, wants to establish Ethical standards in international financial system MNCs emphasize the responsibility of national states to limit the power of companies. "

"The probable example of this idea is that in order to find ways of humanity in the capitalist system, calling for economists in Assisi city and encounter city in March in Assisi, which we are working to build on the basis of economy, do not put man in service of man and economy."

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He noted that "the Holy Father thinks that this will open the way for the creativity of political work, which will always take place on the economy because it deals with the end and the politics. Is done ".

"The fight should proceed with a true passion, in our hearts and in our lives, the concrete faces of our brothers who are victims of this culture to be destroyed in which we are submerged and it creates a very serious inequality between us, which we hate, Difficulties for wounding and compromising are difficult.

He "emphasized the enthusiasm for the Argentinean meeting and the importance of peace in Argentina." This passion includes the cultural challenge and to cope with it, there is a need to create places of thought and dialogue at this time as soon as everything seems to win immediately. Today, more than that, it is necessary to stop and think. "

"When more in a style Emotional thinking, full of bias, is not very flexible, is very close"He said.

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