Sunday , May 22 2022

The court will decide whether or not the judges have to pay profits


This Tuesday, the Supreme Court of Justice will begin with a defined schedule two weeks agoAnas PairsFailure on related issues before the end of the year. The first issue that the high court is going to debate is a precautionary measure or otherwise that prevents the judges from appointing the law on January 1, 2017, established by 27,346.. The judge was ordered by the judge Estben Furney In the framework of the proceedings initiated by the Association of Magistrates

As you can learn Infobay, Ricardo Lorenzetti, Juan Carlos Macqueda and Horace Rosacee will vote in favor of the new magistrates who work in the wages of judicial power wages. Elena Hitten's view will not yet be defined, while the tribunal's president, Carlos Rosencrangez, who will vote against the tribute payment by a visit from the judges through 2017.

Thus, the court will govern the precautionary measures ordered by Federal Contributions Administrator Judge Esteban Furnish and will confirm it through the jurisdictional chamber, but will not be based on the quality of this matter. However, in one of the Supreme Court hearings heard this afternoon, Ministers Lawrencezetti, Makweda and Rostati say that without giving a verdict on the quality of this matter, but rejecting this order, for the role of judges and the mission they fulfill, and their work As part of it, they must be the first to abide by the law. So far, Highton and Rosenkranz have been working on how they will be included in the writings against Lorenzetti, Makweda and Rostati's speech..

On the other hand, on Monday, the Chief of the Cabinet came to the Chief Court, Marcus Pena, To request the change of items to increase salary to judicial power employees. Expected increase is from 10th October to 10% and December 1 to 10%.

In that note, Pena suggested that "Changing the requested budget items strongly influences the treasury resources"For this reason, the official requested that the increase in the expected salary from December of this year will be given in 2019.

After all, the coordination minister pointed out that for not stopping the 10 percent increase, budget items will be changed, but the finance minister is set up in a meeting, Nicholas Duojouin, And the administrative authorities of the court. They suspect in the fourth floor of the Palace of Courts that the rise in judicial issues ends with the resources of anticological funds created during the presidency of Ricardo Lorenzetti.

The response of the judicial guild in response to drinking was immediate. So the union's owner, Julio Piamoto, He maintained that "if the cabinet wants to ignore the chief wage agreement, the court will hang up to the end of the year." Courts should be firm on the face of this aggression.

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