Monday , May 17 2021

The failure of the G20 organization – disagreements with the operation of the Boca – opened

Patricia Bullrich She was too Bollywood.

During the press conference on Saturday morning before the final talks of state heads by the final documents of the 20 groups summit, and on Friday after the social movement and global scientific groups, it was expected that there could be bigger intensity events.

However, the first question from the security minister's conference in Parque Norte Complex was to keep an eye on the organization of the Summit, but compared to the large number of operations around the event. River-Boca, Which ended with the events and with the SuperFinal move in Europe.

"The city police, who was responsible for the Boca Party of the river, at this time and in these circumstances have done an extraordinary job with its new Minister (Diego) Sentilie and its security secretary Marcelo D. The minister laughed, 'Alessandro, they are at the bottom of the valley . & # 39;

He also assured that he did not have the opportunity to attend the Teetro Colon to demonstrate the government's performance to the leaders coming to the country to participate in the summit – he was the only minister who did not attend the village – because he led the security action Which included more than 20,000 agents of federal forces and the cooperation of many countries.

Success in the operation of G20, two weeks of incidents in the river stadium were essentially opposed, which ended. Martin Okempo Buenos Aires's Justice and Security and the most important international event in management after one day of the bullet exit Mauricio Macri.

Ballular did not mention the former minister It is not necessary Santili, the new Minister of the city, and especially D & # 39; Alessandro, with whom Okampo had created a terrible relationship, reinforced the internal forces indicating that they existed in the management of security within days. Casa Rozada and the government Horatio Rodriguez Larreta.

"I am very happy because security has worked well"While publishing an appreciation for the summit planning of the most powerful countries on the planet, Mikey released the press conference yesterday.

After several hours of scandal surrounding the failed match between the River and Boca in Monument, the government was responsible for leaving the state's anger with the administration of Buenos Aires, and especially the Okampo. A few days later, the media published that the former minister was out of the country, while the events of Xeniaz's micro plant took place.

Will Bruleich mention his absence in the colon to show disagreement with the former officer? At the beginning of change management, short circuits were started between the two. And they advanced through the control of the Federal Police in the city of Buenos Aires and the street protests.

The allegation of the Minister of the Province of Trinidad is not uncommon: In the new phase in relation between both efforts, the opening of Okampo was started according to Buenos Aires and Nation sources.

On the other hand, on Friday, when Merry visited Pedro Sánchez, Spain's government president, in one of the Argentine government bilateral summit in Buenos Aires, one of the Spanish Vice-President, Carmen Calvo, explained in his country that the institution Dale River – Boca of Madrid gave the image of "solventi" .

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