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The first increase in the 2019 cigarette is: They increase 6% – 06/01/2016

With most products, cigarettes will start with a sharp increase from 2019. The company Masaline Particulars has reported that it will be the brands that it distributes An average increase of 6% on this Monday.

One of the major brands in the company's markets Malbow, which will cost $ 76 in its KS version and $ 81 in its box version; Philip Morris, who will spend $ 72 in his KS version and $ 76 in his box version; And Chesterfield brand which will cost $ 66 in its KS version and $ 70 for its box version.

Meanwhile, the L & M brand will cost $ 60 in its KS version, while Benson and Hedges, Parliament and Virginia Slims will sell $ 87 in their box version of 20 cigarettes.

New list of company's new value for the magazine.

New list of company's new value for the magazine.

According to a company warned by the statement, "The tobacco sector has a high tax burden in Argentina, Which is the highest in the world ".

The last increase in cigarette was in November when the price of cigarettes increased by 8.4%. During 2018, tobacco companies increased their lists to 6. For example, in January last year, The Marlboro KS package spends $ 58 in its CS version and $ 59 for its box versionWhile Philip Morris, $ 55 in CS version and $ 56 in its box version.

Usually, another distributor, British American Tobacco (BAT), in the tobacco market, expects to announce a change in their prices over the next few hours.

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